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Green Apotecari

Welcome to Green Apotecari, a space where you can discover the best natural and organic cosmetics.

When we launched jcApotecari in 2007, finding a serum with spectacular results, a residue-free sunscreen or a lush shampoo was not easy. But we put all our efforts into becoming the change we wanted to see in the world.

From the first day, we have been committed to natural cosmetics and its extraordinary properties, demonstrating that sustainable skincare is as powerful as any other. And not only that. We set out to redefine beauty as a moment of self-care, well-being and connection of body, mind and spirit.

This is how a selection of impeccable botanical treasures has grown for taking care of this planet that is our home, and also of the second home that is our body.

But the challenge today is even greater and more stimulating. This revolution in the beauty industry has led us to a confusing market, saturated with products, news and mixed messages. Our job is to distinguish the apparent from the genuine, and share the best with you.

Angels Pijuan - Co-Founder

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